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Bridesmaid Dress Fittings:

For groups of 3 (or more) coming in for Bridesmaid Dresses and/or fittings, a $20 per person charge is due at arrival.  If a dress is purchased during this fitting, the fee will be applied to the dress purchased.  This type of shopping works best for the mix and match bridal parties, or standard colors such as black and navy.  We understand many are just trying to find their size and style to be able to order online with ease, but we need compensate employees and the store for time and the use of a room no longer available to another guest.



If you wish to have a dress lightly steamed before leaving with your purchase (if we can accommodate at that time) or if you wish to leave it for a short amount of time and return to pick it up, a $12 service fee will be included on your purchase.  We will only steam lightly and not a full pressing and steaming that would need to be completed on large wedding dresses or heavily structured items.


Minor Alterations:

Simple strap shortening can be done instore for a $10 fee; this will include the "tuck and tack" method of shortening.  Strap removal and insertion into dress seam will be between $12-$20 depending on dress.  Please ask Jill for specifics and more options per dress.

Plunge necklines can be loop stitched closed in many circumstances.  If this can be done, a $12 fee will apply for completion.

Bust cups can be tacked/stitched in for $6 with purchase of store cups ($12 total).


Online Sales Bridal Gown Package:

If you wish to try your hand at selling your wedding dress yourself online, we can complete a package to include 10 mannequin photos, a description with dress details, and proper "flat lay" measurements that most online shoppers wish to know before purchasing.  We will include a list of legit online wedding dress selling sites for you to reference.  This package fee is $40 and must be prearranged before drop off, with a pick up time agreed upon in advance.

If you wish to purchase a garment bag, those are available in store for $12 + tax.  *This service is only eligible for bridal gowns, and no other item.

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