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Bridal Gowns in Store

Bridal gown shopping is by appointment - scheduled in advance or called ahead for availability. We offer these pages for you to decide if you wish to make an appointment. Looking for little white dresses or receptions dresses? Not all of these are posted, and you do not need an appointment for that shopping!

We offer bridal parties 1 hour appointments at no charge with up to 4 guests. Our store becomes extremely busy on Saturdays compared to weekday shopping; & we may be able to accommodate larger groups on weekdays. If the group is 5 guests or more we have a $20 (non-refundable) fee for Saturdays, though would apply to your same day dress purchase.


We ask that bridal gown shoppers are engaged or within 1.5 years of their wedding as dresses are not store samples & are actual gowns purchased that are owned by others. Trying for fun only creates wear & tear or soiling on these delicate dresses.


This is NOT a complete gallery of every gown in store, though we will strive to ensure each and every FORMAL/TRADITION BRIDAL GOWN gets added! We have MANY informal, train-less, reception, rehearsal, and party/shower dresses in store that are NOT pictured here!

We cannot guarantee availability; your are welcome to call for status with photo number. Items may have sold or been picked up by the consignor. We cannot guarantee prices as consignors may request changes. Prices are posted at time of upload and may increase or decrease before getting updated online.

The chart to the right is an average guide of many bridal lines to get shoppers a base idea of sizing.


0: 28"/20"/30"

2: 30/22/32

4: 32/24/34

6: 34/26/36

8: 36/28/38

10: 38/30/40

12: 40/32/42

14: 42/34/44

16: 44/36/46

18: 46/38/48

20: 48/40/50

22: 50/42/52


26: 54/46/56

28: 56/48/58

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