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Dress Rental

Now offering dresses rentals in store!

Although this was a though that danced in my head when I opened in May, 2018, I couldn't quite get this to fruition - until now!  We are now announcing dress rentals available IN STORE beginning September 12th! This means you can try on and find something that you like AND fits you for your event, without the commitment of purchasing! Not all dresses in store are available as rental, and NO consigned dresses are available for rent. These dresses are also available for purchase, so if you do not start the service process, the dress could sell before you decide. No bridal gowns will ever be included in this service.

This service does have a lot of "what ifs", so please read the Pros & Cons list, and also the Rental Basics.  The entire contract is also available for you to pre-read at your convenience.  Monday - Friday, no appointment needed, Saturday is appointment needed.  Feel free to call with questions!


Pros & Cons:

1. Get a dress at a fraction of the price; even from our already discounted prices!
2. Wear a dress you likely wouldn't wear again! No need to think about future re-use.
3. A last minute invite doesn't cause you as much stress, we'll help you find something!

4. You get to try it on and not guess a size like online rental companies.
5. No worries if it will arrive in time from the mail, you control your dates.

6. You don't have to worry about cleaning it after wear; just drop it back off!
7. No need to worry about re-consigning, or if it will sell again.

1. You can only pick out your dress within 30 days of the event.
2. You cannot make permanent alterations; only temporary that can be removed.
3. You have to pick it up and return it to us, no shipping is available.
4. No need to worry about re-consigning, or if it will sell again
5. You need to be careful with wear; If you cause excessing damage, you pay the dress difference.
6. You must be present for pick up and return inspections, or you waive your input. 7. We may not have the dress you want as a rental... not all dresses in store are rentable.

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